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Catrin enjoys a long-standing collaborative project with Colombian supergroup Cimarrón.

Now celebrating the 16th year of their collaboration, Catrin Finch (Wales) and Cimarrón (Colombia) meet again to tour the UK in summer 2023; a thrilling global collaboration between two musical powerhouses.

The 6-piece Grammy-nominated Cimarrón, led by vocalist Ana Veydo, perform joropo dance music from the cattle-rearing plains of the Orinoco, rooted in a deep tradition defined by the mestizo mixed heritage of African, Spanish and indigenous cultures. Cimarrón make wild, untamed music that preserves the spirit of freedom found in one of the world’s most untouched regions. Fast-paced and powerful, their music combines impetuous singing, amazing stomp dancing and fierce instrumental virtuosity of strings and percussion.

See here for live dates in July 2023.

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